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The over reliance on AC grid to meet our ever increasing energy needs is a cause for concern in situations such as a grid failure or power cuts. During these times, power backup provided by stored energy in batteries becomes absolutely essential, which is where an off-grid solar PV system is most useful. Solar Idea’s off-grid solar PV solutions are customised to suit requirements of every establishment, whether rural or urban households, shops, offices, schools, hospitals and hotels etc. Non-Lethal Security system that will act as a psychological and physical barrierAn Off-Grid solar PV system has the capability of functioning independently from the utility grid.
  • A typical Off-grid solar PV system consists of solar panels, off-grid solar inverter cum power conditioning unit, a battery bank and cables accessories necessary for connecting the system.
  • In an Off-grid system, the solar panel array charges the batteries to the desired level and also powers your home appliances.
  • Such a system is extremely useful in areas with frequent power cuts, erratic power supply and in remote rural areas that are partially or completely disconnected from the grid.
  • The battery bank is an integral part of the Off-grid solar PV system, wherein energy stored in the batteries charged by solar panels can be utilized during power cuts for running essential appliances such as lights, fans, refrigerator etc.
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