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Solar Idea ecoDrive Hybrid 12-24 Volt-30 AMP Solar Charge Controller converts your regular grid inverter into a solar inverter cum power conditioning unit. It provides reliable power backup option by keeping your battery charged and ready for utilisation in case of grid failure and power outages. ecoDrive HYBRID is an interface unit that connects with Solar PV Panels and transforms your regular power/grid inverter into a fully functioning Solar PCU. It operates intelligently, saving Mains electricity consumption by switching the power inverter to bypass mode or inverter mode. DSP based control algorithm connects and disconnects the AC Mains from the power inverter for effective utilization of available Solar power and stored battery energy.


  • Auto changeover from AC Mains to Inverter and vice versa for saving electricity as well as meeting back up requirements.
  • ntelligently selects the connected battery voltage 12V or 24V and accordingly configures the unit automatically.
  • LED Display indicators for understanding unit functioning.
  • Maximum Solar Panel Capacity (Mono or Polycrystalline) - 500Wp for 12V or 1000Wp for 24V.
  • Solar Panel Open Circuit Voltage - 21V for 12V Battery and 42V for 24V batteries.
  • Charger Type - Zero Drop with PWM.
  • Control and Display - Digital Signal Processor and LED display.

Unit Operation:

  • If AC Mains is available and Solar is not (let's say night time), the unit will allow the AC Mains to cater to load (in bypass mode) as well as charge the battery.
  • If AC Mains and Solar are both available, the battery will be charged through Solar panels (also with AC Mains) till the battery voltage reaches >14.0V (>28V for 24V battery) and the relay will be operated to transfer the load in inverter mode once battery reaches 14.2V and above (>28V for 24V battery).
  • If the system is working in inverter mode (with Solar and AC Mains charging the battery) and battery discharges below 12.0V (or 24V for 24V battery), then load will be transferred to AC Bypass mode. iv) DSP based precise control and monitoring of battery status is implemented for better battery life.


Solar Idea ecoDrive Regular 12-24 Volt-30 AMP Solar Charge Controller is a handy addition to your home. It limits or regulates the rate at which electric current is added to or drawn from the batteries by preventing them from overcharging and deep discharging, or perform controlled discharges, depending on the battery technology, to protect battery life.