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  • Solar Idea's Classic solar PCU is a charge controller and converter based system. It not only charges the batteries, but it also senses the power requirement of home. Once the batteries are full the PCU will sync the power from solar and batteries and supply to the home directly for the load connected
  • 500VA.12V solar PCU, popularly called ‘Lal Mirchi’ is our lowest capacity off-grid solar inverter cum power conditioning unit in our range of ‘CLASSIC’ solar PCUs. The product is very easy to install, comes with plug-and-play features and is ideal for homes and businesses that utilise minimal electric power. By connecting an appropriately sized solar panel array and battery bank to this unit, one can run appliances such as lights, fans, TV etc.
  • 500VA.12Vcomes with a PWM charger

  • 650VA.12vcomes with a PWM charger

  • 850VA.12Vcomes with a PWM charger

  • 1000VA.12Vcomes with a PWM charger

  • 1000VA.24Vcomes with a PWM charger

  • 1500VA.24Vcomes with a PWM charger

  • 2000VA.24Vcomes with a PWM charger

  • 2000VA.36Vcomes with a MPPTcharger

  • 3000VA.48Vcomes with a MPPTcharger

  • 5000VA.96Vcomes with a MPPTcharger

  • 1000VA.120Vcomes with a MPPTcharger

  • 1000VA.180Vcomes with a MPPTcharger

  • MPPT vs ZeroDrop

  • 500 va Lal Mirchi